Why Mexico

Mexico is part of the North America block and is the preferred Nearshore destination for IT companies according to Gartner*.

Mexico´s labor pool size and maturity makes the country the best option among Latin America countries for outsourcing business and IT services. When evaluating outsourcing, the common advantages of using Nearshore vs Offshore are: Proximity (direct flights similar as other US Cities), Lower Attrition, Cultural Affinity, Same Timezone and more integrated Teams.

Additionally to previous advantages:

The Global SW Development companies have their Nearshore center in Mexico, for US Delivery (23 of 30)*.
The top ERP company has its Managed Cloud Center for North America in Mexico
Moreover, in 2019 Mexico became the top U.S. trade partner, according to U.S. Mexico’s trade with the United States totaled $614.5 billion in this year.*2

*Source: “Evaluate Offshore/Nearshore Countries for Outsourcing, Shared Services and Captives in Asia/Pacific, 2017”, Gartner.

*2 Source: *Source: “It’s Official: Mexico Is No. 1 U.S. Trade Partner For First Time, Despite Overall U.S. Trade Decline”, Forbes.

Recommended cities for an IT practice in Mexico

We currently have available facilities in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Hermosillo. Each city has their advantages, for example Monterrey & Guadalajara has the most IT companies:


Start-up’s and Tech hub Capital and also as the Mexican Silicon Valley.

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The Business Capital of Mexico and the IT HUB..

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Become an expert in building a Mexico practice

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In our Webcasts “Why Mexico as the preferred Nearshore destination” we focus on discovering the benefits of opening a subsidiary based in Mexico and how global players have taken advantage of Nearshoring for BPO, BPaaS, regional compliance, reducing risk through an unique legal framework and maximizing your start-up cost while accessing to a talented private network.