Guadalajara, in the Jalisco State, is known as the Start-up’s and Tech hub Capital and also as the Mexican Silicon Valley due to its electronics industry. Moreover, is the Mexico’s second-largest city.

Mexico’s second-largest city is undergoing a technology transformation. In recent years, Guadalajara has turned itself into a global center for research and development, programming, and design:

  • The city received almost a quarter of all of the venture capital funds in Latin America in 2017.
  • Guadalajara is considered one of the biggest urban areas in the country in terms of size.
  • It is the third most important economic hub in the country, with a GDP of 77,400 million dollars in 2012, and the eleventh in Latin America.
  • The city’s economy is based on industry, especially information technology.
  • Direct Flights to:
    • San Francisco: 4 hours
    • To Los Angeles: 3 ½ hours
    • To Chicago: 4 ½ hours
    • To Las Vegas: 3 ½ hours
  • Qualified Labor Force:
    • There are 16 technology institutes and 12 universities.
    • Graduating more than 8,000 technical and engineering students per year.

“The state of Jalisco is home to 40% of Mexico’s IT industry and a well-educated population”.

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