Deliver Rollout Projects in LATAM via Mexico.

Add Mexico’s operational capabilities in days and setup a PMO temporary presence for the duration of the projects in Latin America. Add a regional AMS/Helpdesk for local support, as an extension to the Global AMS Center.

Latin America Rollout Projects & Local Support

System Integrators, IT Service Providers, and ERP Implementation Partners often follow their global customers into new regions when implementing or upgrading their enterprise applications. Although these projects can last for a long time, they remain transient in nature. Consequently, establishing a new local entity may be prematurely hasty in the absence of a clear understanding of what the region could offer as a potential new market to commit permanently.

In addition, when the projects end, the global customer will require local support for the countries with the new solution running. The System Integrator will be required to add this specialized support (language and localization features) to its global support services

How it works

B2B Tech Companies have used the Subsidiary-as-a-Service option to establish a temporary operation in Mexico for local presence and to act as the Project Management Office for Latin America Rollout Projects. The operation is setup in weeks and can add temporary teams in select South America countries.

After the project ends, a small bilingual support team can be setup as an extension of the global support center, with localization knowledge.

This approach enables the foreign company to develop the region and scale its presence and size following revenue and not before. This approach avoids unnecessary expenses and risks, while lowering dramatically total costs, opening a legal entity when ready while still maintaining an agile operation.

It resembles the as-a-Service model, as companies pay only for users (workers) they use, benefiting from shared infrastructure. Economies of scale further lower costs and provide a faster time to market.

Common Enterprise Applications implemented in the region

Because of Everscale industry expertise in the Enterprise Software Ecosystem, the turnkey subsidiary incorporates best practices and built in capabilities that will assists foreign companies in bypassing the initial learning curve of the local market and enhance the likelihood of success of local strategies.

Customer Examples

Latin America Rollout and Local Support

European System Integrator needed to add capabilities to deliver an SAP Rollout Project for two years in Latin America to upgrade the systems of their global customer.

Opted to use the SUBaaS approach, implemented a Project Management Office in Mexico, added already vetted consultants with localization know-how divided by Latin America regions. After the project ended successfully, built a local support team for the region, working with their global AMS Center.

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Demand certainty when expanding to a new country

Review Rollout Scenarios

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The SUBaaS framework supports temporary and permanent configurations, which allows to develop the region first before committing to a large operation.

The best path possible into Mexico.