Welcome to Everscale Group

Everscale Group empowers Enterprise Application Service firms to scale their businesses via deployment of new project teams and multi-country subsidiaries, while mitigating risk through deep industry expertise and extensive local operations. Everscale Group is the Premier Advisor and End-to-end International Partner for customers looking to gain scale, faster time to market and regional compliance in order to remain competitive in today’s new, cloud-forward economy.

Specialized in multi-country Business Models

A turn-key scalable operation with specialized teams, according to your current strategy.

End-to-end business processes
Grow your Marketing & Sales capabilities. Add Delivery Practices as a Cloud Factory, other Country Rollouts support teams and more.

Safe landing
A multi-country operation with less investment & mitigated risk, with a unique legal framework.

International Projects

The Enterprise Service Firms have several challenges for supporting existing customers in other countries, from adjusting the business blueprints to local requirements, getting the solution customization right for tax & compliance regulations, to adding a trusted team for local support that will not service directly their customer afterwards. In addition, there might be cultural & regional context differences that need to take in account when planning for the project stages.

Because of this complexity, we have created a complete solution that can cover the different aspects that a Service Firms need to add this capability for them, under their brand and governance. We work together in the temporary or long-term setup of their new subsidiary, adjusting to the size of the project(s).

Let´s meet in an event

CONNECT 2018 – SAP Partner Summit –
November 6-7, 2018

Alte Schmiedehalle, Areal Böhler
Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
November 6-7, 2018

UKISUG Connect 2018 – SAP Partner Summit –
November 11-13, 2018

Park Regis, The newest 4* Luxury Hotel in Birmingham
160 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DT, United Kingdom
November 11-13, 2018

Become an expert with our Webcasts

Nearshore Operation Webcast Series
Focus on discovering the benefits of opening a subsidiary based in Mexico without worrying about regional compliance, reducing risk through an unique legal framework and maximizing your start-up cost while accessing to a talented private network.

SAP Webcasts Series
Know how to scale your businesses via deployment of new project teams and multi-country subsidiaries. This Webcasts Serie has the spot light into topics such as risk management and setup challenges for scalable SAP capabilities in North & Latin America

Our customers in the Enterprise Application Ecosystem

Startup Service Firms

Build an agile Service Firm, with on-demand delivery services for true Lean Operation. Setup MVP
strategies with business ready SAP capabilities and International reach.

North America Solution Providers

Setup of an agile organization via scalable operations to develop new strategies like a Nearshore Cloud Factory for SAP S/4 HANA implementation and migrations.

Europe Service Firms

Strengthen North America Sales Offices with on-demand capabilities in the region or from Europe. Increase your market research with a deeply knowledge of the American market without the added risks.


On demand SAP Competence Centers or specialized teams for integrating a third-party Solution to SAP and other Applications.