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Everscale Group is the leader in International Operations for SAP Partners & IT Solution
Providers looking to setup a temporary or permanent Subsidiary in Mexico for
U.S. Nearshore Delivery, or to access new Customers in Latin America via Mexico.
Start running your own operations in the Region and grow your team with an additional Talent Pool.

Revenue diversification, more
flexible expenses over fixed
costs, and leveraging the
#NewNormal, are key on the
Road to Recovery

Download the latest Whitepaper with a list of options that can
enable better & faster frameworks for accessing new customers in
other regions (LATAM, Europe, ASIA). Also, Platforms from other
industries that can used to lower fixed costs. And how to benefit
from regional trade agreements, like the USMCA, for IT Delivery Models

The subsidiaries we have built are best suited for:

Nearshore Delivery Center for U.S. Customers

It provides competitive pricing for the delivery & support of solutions that benefit of methodologies that mix onsite & offsite stages, as the distance is similar as other U.S. Cities. Additional advantages: Same timezone, cultural affinity, deep talent pool, similar travel expenses & low attrition.

LATAM Market Entry, via Mexico

Avoid a big investment in your expansion to Latin America via Mexico. Run a pilot office immediately, as we provide physical office presence, assistance in the Go-To-Market plan, a channel network, local brand presence and support in the first engagements. The local company can register a legal entity if needed and maintain a flexible operation using our infrastructure.

Rollout Projects Support

For customer rollouts in North & South America, teams can be deployed from your local subsidiary (it can be a temporary setup for the duration of the project). We provide additional localization capabilities to support local SAP Implementations.

Next events:

PostCovid Organizational Resilience: Accesing New Revenue and building a more Flexible Operation
Webinar Series for SAP Partners
Thursday, June 11, 2020

SAP Global Partner Summit
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“Grow beyond standard business models”

We enable turnkey subsidiaries with built-in capabilities that take advantage of the economies of scale of our group, that has supported since 1986, the expansion of foreign companies in the region.

We provide a safe landing option that manages local risks and decrease substantially the opening costs. It enables starting an operation in days and not months, for hiring temporary or permanent employees for your operations.


Webinar Series for IT Solution Providers & SAP Partner

The series focuses on current strategies used by SAP Partners & IT Solution Providers for adding new capabilities and delivery models when using a Nearshore Center or entering a new Region as a Go-To-Market.

Topics discussed range from the setup of a Cloud Factory and Nearshore Support Center; adding a Rollout Project Office with temporary or permanent localization experts; adding complementary Teams managed by the Offshore Office; Using Pre Sales Teams that can cover North America (USA, Canada & Mexico).

Webinar Series for Latin America Expansion via Mexico

Discover current options for using Temporary Operations in Mexico and how to establish a permanent Subsidiary. Different alternatives when hiring from another Talent Pool, for permanent or contract-based positions for business development & delivery.

How to reduce risk through legal frameworks, local regulations & compliance management. Labor Laws for Employees & Contractors. Working Visas for North America under USMCA. Structure Cost for Operations in Mexico. Mexico as Latin America port of entry.