Start a temporary or permanent Subsidiary in México with the leader in the enterprise software ecosystem

We support our customers to start and manage their own Nearshore operation in Mexico, from 1 temporary worker, to a 500-person delivery center. So, they can Deliver Nearshore Services to North America, or access new customers in Latin America. Without the risk and high cost of a stand-alone Nearshore operation, by using the economies of scale of our group (since 1986).

Mexico’s Safe Landing Option

Because flights from Mexico to US cities are similar to traveling within the US, Tech Companies expanded their hiring radius to include Mexico cities. Also, Mexico is recognized as the starting point to test the market before expanding to other Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

The Subsidiary-as-a-Service framework enables companies to pilot first their operation in Mexico, adjust, and scale accordingly.

Everscale Subsidiary as a Service Platform

The SUB.aaS framework, enables a flexible option for Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP Partners. It uses the shared infrastructure and administrative services from our group, plus ready to use capabilities for a faster time to market. Our customers avoid the need to ally with a local competitor to gain local capabilities.

Use cases

This framework can be used from small to large scenarios. You can start with temporary projects for ERP Implementation Teams, SAP consultants, Software Developers, etc. A Business unit can be built for an AMS/Help Desk Team; LATAM Sales Team, Product Development Unit. Or build a large scale Nearshore Operation right from the start, for IT Delivery Center, LATAM Operations HUB, ITO/BPO Center and others.

Subsidiary as a Service Platform

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Our framework provides a safe path for companies to start an IT Nearshore Operation immediately in new territories, without any of the upfront investment or risks associated with full foreign incorporation. Combining the cost savings and efficiency of shared services with the power to manage and scale your Nearshore Service as you see fit.

Framework Benefits

We ensure our customers achieve the best and safest landing experience when launching new operations in Mexico.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Avoid local risks.
  • Maintain an agile operation.
  • Avoid the local learning curve. 

End to end

No need to hire a full staff, as you will have dedicated teams for any activity needed to run your Mexico operations.


The size of our group can handle small to large operations. You can begin with one employee and scale as needed.

Cost savings

No upfront investment and reduced operation costs by using our economies of scale. The most cost-effective way to test an operation in Mexico.

Time to market

Engage local prospects within days versus the months you have to wait in other scenarios.

Industry know-how

Award-wining executive team from the Enterprise Software Industry, with success in selling in local market and in the setup of delivery practices from your industry.

Low risk

In contrast to a standalone, our framework removes regulatory and fiscal burdens for operating in Mexico, while also avoiding a local learning curve. You benefit from greatly reduced financial and operational risk.

Customer Examples

Midsize SAP Partner plans to enter the Latin America via Mexico, because the region has customers with unmet needs due to a lack of local expertise, wich they have.

The Company is not ready to fully commit to the region until their value proposition is validated. Also, the company doesn’t have a big budget to support a local learning curve and the dedicated personnel to handle local compliance & risk.

Using a Subsidiary as a Service, te Partner was able to support locally their first customer engagements while getting the support needed to build a local pipeline. After the first customers a local entity was set up, while still taking advantage of our economies of scale.

Small Consulting Firm from Texas needed a flexible and low-cost option to compete successfully with global companies.

Built a flexible operation that can implement SAP & Salesforce Solutions using a Nearshore Model, designed to be quick and repeatable using a packaged scope, while traveling on-site for key meetings. The operation switches to standby when the project ends and only uses a shared SAP AMS support its customers.

European IT Solutions Provider has a global Customer that requires the implementation of the SAP Solution in their Latin America Subsidiaries.

The company needs to add quickly the localization expertise of different LatAm countries to implement the solution and after rollout go-live, to support local ticket to ensure the customer stays with them. It does not want to open local offices in 6 new countries or hire permanently as it is a temporary project.

We created a project management office in Mexico that along with local teams in South America delivered the services and local presence required for the Project Rollout. Also implemented a LatAm support team for local tickets that works as an extension of their global support team.

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