LATAM Market Entry Via Mexico

LATAM Market Entry
via Mexico

We work with Enterprise SW Companies that want LATAM Market Entry to access new customers in the region, via Mexico. We enable rapidly a temporary or permanent local operation, without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.


Stand-alone opportunity: If you have been contacted because of your niche expertise by the SW Vendor or potential customers, a temporary presence is required to validate and compete for the new business in the region.

If the project is won, it can be delivered remotely with complementary local consultants from your local temporary office that can shut down when needed.

LATAM Rollouts: Your global customer has a Rollout in the region, so it is necessary to have a local operation for the project duration, with a complementary team experienced in localization/compliance.
If needed, a local support team can be enabled after the rollout ends, to handle local tickets.

Regional expansion

Pilot the Region: For companies who want to test the region previous to LATAM Market entry for expansion before making a large investment, we work together on the validation of the solution fit and market opportunity.
A pilot office can be run for business development, as we provide physical office presence, a channel network, local brand presence, support on the first engagements & pipeline generation, plus sales executives (if required). The local company can register a legal entity (optional) and maintain a flexible operation using our infrastructure.

Shelter Service/Safe Landing: for those foreign companies that need to open a full-time operation to support their presence in the region, our services follows the Shelter Model Framework, as it allows a Foreign Entity to have an operation in Mexico through a Third Party, minimizing local liabilities and reducing start-up cost, as the economy of scale of our group is used for establishing the local operation.
This includes assistance with the setup of the new permanent operation and supporting the local operation on local compliance (Labor law, Taxes, etc), Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Immigration, Trade Compliance; Site Evaluation, Facilities & Lease Management; Price Transfer, IP Protection, etc.

* Temporary operations can switch to permanent if required.

LATAM Opportunity

LATAM continues to be an attractive emerging market, as “Venture investment in Latin America has more than doubled (by dollars) every year from 2016 to 2019, tracing a growth trajectory” – According to Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA).

Microsoft confirmed this trend in 2020, with their public commitment on investing more that 1.1 billion dollars in Mexico for the following 5 years, including data centers and digital transformation programs.

Foreign companies have the option of entering LATAM via one of the two biggest markets in Latin America, which are Brazil and Mexico.

When LATAM Market entry via Mexico is selected as the top option, it´s because its a spanish speaking country, as the vast majority of the Latin American Countries are (the official language for Brazil is Portuguese). Also, International companies that have the U.S. Market in their plans, use their Mexican operations with a double purpose: as an entrance to the LATAM Market and to deliver Nearshore Services to North America.

Our Benefits

Time to Market

Engage your LATAM opportunities in days versus 3-6 months.

Costs Savings

No upfront investment and reduced operation costs by using our economy of scale. Fees based on monthly service depending on volume, as it scales up & down.


Quick validation of your solution fit with immediate local access to industry specific contacts.

Low Risk

No fixed employment contracts, as you expand following revenue not before.


Award-wining executive team from the Enterprise Software Industry, with success in selling in local market and in the setup of delivery practices from your industry.