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Monterrey, placed in the state of Nuevo Leon, has become the favorite destination for Tech companies and nowadays is known as the IT HUB of Mexico.

“Nuevo León graduates more than 8,500 engineers every year”

Benefits of Monterrey

Monterrey has a highly skilled and most productive labor force of Mexico*1::

  • More than 100 universities
  • Largest engineering school in México
  • Best ranked Business School in LATAM
  • High English speaking proficiency
  • Nuevo León graduates more than 8,500 engineers every year


Less than 4hrs direct flight to US main cities:

  • To Dallas or Houston: 1 ½ hours
  • To Miami, L.A. or Las Vegas: 3 hours
  • To Chicago: 3 ½ hours
  • To New York: 4 hours

More about Nuevo Leon

Discover more about the state of Nuevo Leon by watching the video of visiting Business Nuevo Leon, the official Business Promotion Agency of the State Government of Nuevo León.