Grow beyond standard business models

We support IT Solution providers in the setup of temporary or permanent operations in Mexico, to deliver Nearshore Services to North America, or to enter the Latin America Market via Mexico. Lower your company risk by adding scalable operations and leverage our economies of scale.

The best of two worlds

Everscale Group is the evolution of BPO, BPaaS and Soft Landing Services from other industries converging with the Enterprise Software Industry that moved to the Cloud. A very active Mergers & Acquisition market was the green light for the Joint Venture between an award-winning SAP Partner executive team and the biggest shelter operations group of the region. Instead of buying a nearshore company or investing on your own in an unknown region, we provide a better alternative for updating your business model with an extended operation team or a full subsidiary as part of your company, creating an Agile & Scalable Operation, with the capabilities of adding industry ready delivery practices.

Our Platform

Since 1985 the Operations Group has assisted foreign companies of different industries establish their operation in a new country, via different options that assures a soft landing and a successful setup on first try, protecting the customer from the risks & liabilities of a new country. With experience in the setup of small teams to +2,500 employee Subsidiary. Current locations cover 3 time zones and facilities in multiple cities.

Our Team

Foreign companies have the option of entering LATAM via one of the two biggest markets in Latin America, which are Brazil and Mexico.

When Mexico is selected as the top option, is because its a spanish speaking country, as the vast majority of the Latin American Countries are (the official language for Brazil is Portuguese). Also, International companies that have the U.S. Market in their plans, use their Mexican operations with a double purpose: as an entrance to the LATAM Market and to deliver Nearshore Services to North America.

Press Release – Safe Landing Option in Mexico for the Enterprise Software Ecosystem

Everscale Group, formerly known as Nearshore Depot, is proud to announce the expansion of its capabilities and operations, through its recently formed partnership with The Offshore Group.

Everscale specializes in providing nearshore solutions to SAP Partners from different parts of the world, particularly North America. By partnering with The Offshore Group, experts in managing talent, work space and infrastructure in different locations in Mexico, Everscale Group acquires the needed capabilities to be able to serve an expansive market that requires not only the experience provided by the experience Everscale Group has, but the financial and operational strength that The Offshore Group has demonstrated over the last 32 years.

Oct. 26, 2018 – Tucson, AZ

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