Our goal is to help our clients in their journey of entering the talent and business market in Mexico and Latin America, in such a way that allows them to run their own operations sheltered from local risks, while at the same time having total ownership. Our expertise is in the Enterprise Software Ecosystem, with ramifications in all software-related industries. 

Everscale is part of a group of companies that for almost 40 years has been providing expansion and talent-related services to international companies wanting to do business in Mexico, building delivery capabilities and sourcing talent for its own teams. With more than 25,000 people working as part of teams of more than 130 clients, in industries that include aerospace, automotive, financial, contact centers, and software development, amongst others, the group over time has created different services and entities, towards providing services to different sets of needs.


Everscale is a natural step of our group, in the continuous search of providing expansion and sourcing services to different industries. A little history of the companies behind Everscale:

  • Tetakawi Group, the largest shelter operations group in the region (+23K employees) that has supported manufacturing companies move into the region since 1986. More than 100 manufacturing plants are operating under Tetakawi Group’s umbrella.
  • Intugo. Tetakawi Group company oriented to operations in the office-oriented side of business: Contact Centers, Software Development Teams, and Back Office Personnel. With more than 1,200 employees, it allows companies to be able to host their shared services operations in an easy, seamless way.
  • ILS. The logistics side of our group, with services oriented to helping companies with their logistics in trade between Mexico and the USA, including clients of the rest of our group´s sister companies.
  • Everscale. With the specialized Enterprise Applications talent market in mind, Everscale became our last step in creating services, with a particular niche in mind. It was launched to work with companies from the Enterprise Software Ecosystem to start and run their own operation in Mexico, temporary or permanent, small or large.


Everscale Management Team

We implement turnkey operations that incorporate industry-specific best practices and built-in capabilities that enable foreign companies to avoid the local learning curve and enhance the likelihood of success of local strategies. 

This is why Everscale´s executive team based out of the USA and Mexico is formed by industry experts, with previous experience in growing IT Service Providers and System Integrators, winning industry awards along the way.


The company vision is that our customers should expect all the benefits as if they acquired a Mexican IT Company, minus customers and the hefty price tag.

Press Release – Safe Landing Option in Mexico for the Enterprise Software Ecosystem

Everscale Group, formerly known as Nearshore Depot, is proud to announce the expansion of its capabilities and operations, through its recently formed partnership with The Offshore Group.

Everscale specializes in providing nearshore solutions to SAP Partners from different parts of the world, particularly North America. By partnering with The Offshore Group, experts in managing talent, work space and infrastructure in different locations in Mexico, Everscale Group acquires the needed capabilities to be able to serve an expansive market that requires not only the experience provided by the experience Everscale Group has, but the financial and operational strength that The Offshore Group has demonstrated over the last 32 years.

Oct. 26, 2018 – Tucson, AZ

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