Evaluating Mexico to hire or expand into the region?

Insights for the Enterprise SW Ecosystem

Tech companies are at the forefront of expanding their operations into different regions and allocate significant resources and time to conduct thorough research and analysis. This preparatory phase is essential before they greenlight the expansion and formulate a successful business strategy.

We work with the Enterprise SW Ecosystem in this planning stage, not just on providing Mexico’s latest industry information, we also share associated data and current trends that impact niche solutions. While raw information is valuable, actionable insights are better.

What matters most to our customers?

  • Mexico Key Data and Trends: Information on Mexico, Locations, Labor Force, Salaries, Universities Data, Similar Companies already established, Labor Laws & Hiring options, Visas, Relocation, Salaries, Employee Benefits and compensation packages, Average quotas for sales executives, Local Incorporation Process, Accounting and Tax Considerations. Global and Local Trends impacting the Tech Ecosystem in Mexico.
  • Business Strategy: Transitioning from a high-level plan to an actionable one often involves frequent back-and-forth checks. Initial assumptions tend to evolve as additional information is collected. Timelines by type are adjusted.
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets: Costing scenarios for local operations (different setups and goals).
  • Lessons Learned: Common mistakes by foreign companies to avoid, best practices for B2B Tech Companies and comparisons on soft landing operations.

Latin America

We provide comparisons of Mexico’s data versus other countries in Latin America.

In-depth country analysis such as evaluation of city by city is provided only for Mexico.

 We recommend downloading Microsoft Whitepaper for expanding into Latin America, which contains more information on the region, including opportunities in the market for tech companies, expansion options, key data by country and more on Latin America business culture.


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