How Tech Companies Add Operations In Mexico and Avoid Costs

In 2022 North American Tech Companies boosted their use of Mexico for Temporary Teams, while others opened a Sales Office for LATAM, or a Delivery Center. Some followed a traditional route when opening an operation abroad, while others chose to use new frameworks that enabled them to avoid risks and unnecessary costs.  

Thanks for Joiningn us on March 2, 2023 for our live webinar on “How Tech Companies Add Operations In Mexico And Avoid Costs”. You can view the recording of our webinar and find out how new options can enable companies to pilot the region first using a temporary setup or can help you fast-track a full-blown regional office. Mexico gives them access to a larger talent pool while maintaining similar travel distances as from other U.S. cities, optimizing their cost structure in today’s economic climate.


  • Mexico Nearshore Data vs Brazil vs India.
  • Option Comparisons for opening operations and hiring (PEO/EOR, Local Incorporation, Shelter Program, ETC).
  • Timeline & Costs for running a Temporary or Permanent Operation.
  • Common mistakes to avoid for tech companies.
  • Case studies: Silicon Valley SW Company, SAP Partner, IT Consulting Firm.
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