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Everscale Announces Mexico´s Private Equity Pilot Program for Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies can add their own Mexico cost-effective operational capabilities in days, test the region, and scale in size and functionality when needed.

TUCSON, Ariz. – Sept. 21, 2023 – PRLog — Everscale Group, leader in providing end-to-end expansion services for B2B Tech Companies, announces Everscale’s Private Equity Pilot Program. This new program will allow Portfolio Companies to pilot and test Mexico’s Operational Capabilities first in their organization, before committing to a large investment in the region.

Similar to the as-a-Service model, it avoids upfront costs and leverages our group economies of scale to lower operating expenses. It can start in weeks instead of months, ready to scale in size and functionality when needed, and not before. Portfolio companies gain organizational agility and are sheltered from local risks while owning the operation from day one.

“Investors value certainty, and the program adds predictability to the multiple moving parts that they have in their roadmaps, not just cost savings.” Jacobo Ortega, Everscale CEO, commented. “By specializing in their industry, we help them shorten the learning curve, as they have a tight timeline to increase company valuation.”

Via a custom trial scenario, foreign companies reduce operating costs and are sheltered from local risks, similar to the successful shelter model in the Manufacturing Industry. This strategy enables a flexible and efficient structure for adding nearshore talent and accessing the Latin American market.

With this new program and many more on the horizon, the company is confident that its industry expertise and the extensive experience of its sister companies in the region will prove invaluable to businesses utilizing its services.

About Everscale

The industry leader in providing end-to-end expansion services for the Enterprise Software Ecosystem. Using the Subsidiary-as-a-Service soft landing model enables foreign companies to start and run their own temporary or permanent operations in Mexico, from 1 temporary worker to a 500-employee regional center. Demand certainty when expanding to Mexico to provide Nearshore Services or access new customers in Latin America.

Similar to the as-a-Service model, it lowers greatly the cost and risks associated with running foreign operations. It also enables the option of running a pilot to test the region with temporary operations and scale accordingly.

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