Azure Architect

Everscale Group

We are seeking an experienced Azure Architect who plays a crucial role in driving cost optimization and automating CI/CD processes within our technology infrastructure. As an Azure Infrastructure Architect, you will be responsible for designing and implementing cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure while ensuring cost efficiency and leveraging best practices for CI/CD, Terraform, and Ansible.

  • Azure Cost Optimization:
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify areas for cost reduction within the Azure infrastructure.
    • Design and implement solutions that optimize resource utilization, right-sizing of instances, and cost-effective usage of Azure services.
  • CI/CD Automation:
    • Lead efforts in automating CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps (ADO) and GitHub.
    • Write and maintain CI/CD YAML files to support continuous integration, delivery, and deployment processes.
    • Streamline the deployment workflow, ensuring seamless integration between development, testing, and production environments.
  • Performance Optimization:
    • Identify performance bottlenecks in Azure resources and optimize configurations for improved efficiency.
    • Proactively monitor and manage Azure resources to achieve optimal performance.
  • Documentation and Reporting:
    • Maintain comprehensive technical documentation, including architecture diagrams,
    • Terraform and Ansible scripts, and CI/CD configurations.
    • Provide regular updates and reports on cost optimization progress and CI/CD pipeline performance.
  • Certifications in Azure security and Azure Governance.
  • Experience with serverless computing and microservices architecture.
  • Familiarity with Docker and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of other cloud platforms, such as AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Experience with monitoring and logging tools for Azure, such as Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics.
  • Understanding of Azure Bicep or ARM templates for infrastructure provisioning.
  • Proven ability to mentor and lead technical teams.

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