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How to setup a temporary or permanent Mexico Subsidiary, for Nearshore Delivery or to enter the LATAM Market

Learn how Tech Companies and SAP Partners are using new frameworks that enable cross-border operations in Canada and Mexico. With mostly remote work, tech companies are extending their hiring radius to cities located a short flight away from their HQ and customer sites.


  • North America Trade Agreement – Work Visas, Mexico’s best nearshore cities & competitors.
  • Frameworks for temporary operations and avoiding costs. When and how to incorporate locally for a permanent operation.
  • Local tax compliance and labor laws for hiring temporary & permanent Mexico workers.
  • Example of Tech Companies & SAP Partners on their nearshore setup.
  • Using the Microsoft Geo Expansion Program for Partners to avoid the market entry learning curve in Latin America.
  • Saas solutions that benefit from this model, as they are implemented mostly remote, with onsite meetings when needed.