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SAP Partners doing remote business in Latin America

As we make our way to the end of 2020, join our next session on scenarios used by SAP Partners to adjust to the current market. Partners had to reduce their operation size to become more agile, while they pivoted to access revenue in other markets.

Remote Selling enabled niche Partners to start selling into regions that were not targeted before, like Latin America. Mexico was one of the countries that benefited from foreign Partners that have expertise not available in the region.

Also, SAP Partners targeted the LATAM subsidiaries of their global customers, to implement additional functionally or to continue the Rollout of a Solution.

Those that have Sales Offices in North America, used Mexico when building their PreSales and Delivery team for the region, as it is the preferred Nearshore option and can leverage the updated USMCA Trade Agreement for Visas and other benefits.


  • LATAM Rollouts, setup of a delivery and local support team. Temporary or permanent options.
  • Accessing customers in Mexico & LATAM Remotely: Which SAP Solutions and Industries matter.
  • Mexico as the springboard to USA (Top Trading Partner) and LATAM.
  • Cost structure and Framework to setup Temporary or Permanent Operations in Mexico. Comparisons of current options.
  • Hiring contractors & employees in Mexico. Most used Nearshore Roles and Labor laws to follow. Benefits and the right use of USMCA visas.
  • Use Cases / Customer stories