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Estimate Cost Scenarios for running operations in Mexico, and compare

Schedule Session and build Custom Scenarios for:

  • Setup Costs and Operational Expenses for First 3 years.
  • Estimate Timelines for Startup and implementing a Business Practice.
  • Calculate Shutdown costs and download
  • Add Mexico’s Soft-Landing Variables for reducing 40% on costs or more.

Build custom cost scenarios with an expert and estimate operational costs for your company operations in Mexico. From startup costs, to operational expenses of the first 3 years, based on common timelines that are adjustable by the size of the operation. From a team of one, to building a 200-people regional office.

Avoid costly surprises and a long-learning curve, by learning from real-life scenarios, which can be adjustable. These scenarios will be available as downloadable MS Excel files, to compare Do-It-Yourself scenario versus scenarios using Mexico’s Soft-Landing Options.

Validate initial assumptions with our expert, adjust timelines accordingly, and risks that can be avoided from day one.