Webinar Series

Access live sessions from experts that share best practices and current scenarios used by IT Solution Providers & SAP Partners, when adding foreign operations to update their delivery models, access new customers or hire talent abroad. Which options work best for temporary operations, when to use a Stand Alone Entity, and how to optimize each.
Webinar Series for IT Solution Providers & SAP Partners
LATAM Market Entry via Mexico

Webinar Series for IT Solution Providers & SAP Partners

The series focuses on current strategies used by SAP Partners & IT Solution Providers for adding new capabilities and delivery models when using a Nearshore Center or entering a new Region as a Go-To-Market.

Topics discussed range from the setup of a Cloud Factory and Nearshore Support Center; adding a Rollout Project Office with temporary or permanent localization experts; adding complementary Teams managed by the Offshore Office; Using Pre Sales Teams that can cover North America (USA, Canada & Mexico).

Webinar Series for Latin America Expansion via Mexico

Discover current options for using Temporary Operations in Mexico and how to establish a permanent Subsidiary. Different alternatives when hiring from another Talent Pool, for permanent or contract-based positions for business development & delivery.

How to reduce risk through legal frameworks, local regulations & compliance management. Labor Laws for Employees & Contractors. Working Visas for North America under USMCA. Structure Cost for Operations in Mexico. Mexico as Latin America port of entry.