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At Everscale, we solve the complexity and cost associated to running an operation in Mexico by enabling a Subsidiary as a Service option for the Enterprise SW Ecosystem.

There are different frameworks that can be used, which can enable temporary or permanent operations in the region for delivering  Nearshore Services for Customers in North America. It is not as limited as a Payroll Employer Organization (PEO), as it has additional services that are industry specific that can scale up and down.

A. For Occasional Opportunities. The Subsidiary as a Service has the company branding with an Office address and contact number for customers. It uses an extended industry-specific team for a quick operation setup and ongoing support. It doesn’t have permanent employees, only temporary delivery positions and teams for the duration of the engagements.The Nearshore Operation benefits from an available talent pool and using the economy of scale of the group.

B. Nearshore Delivery Unit. Similar as Option A, but has dedicated positions (permanent and/or temporary) in different areas, from Sales (Pre-Sales Consultants, Inside Sales Eexecutives, etc), Delivery and Support. It doesn’t have a large number of dedicated workstations in permanent offices, as most of the positions work as under a home office agreement.

C. Nearshore Delivery Center. Similar as Option B, but it has dedicated facilities with their the company brand, with a large number of permanent employees.

Solution Map & Building Blocks

Everscale Group - Solution map 2019

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