International Projects &

Roll-out Business Units

International End-Customer Rollouts

It can be a real challenge for Service Firms that support customer operations abroad, not just getting teams with regional expertise, but the logistics around the project. Opening a subsidiary just for the duration of the project is not viable and doing an alliance with a local competitor might bring more problems than benefits.

Our company is the only firm in the industry that works with Service Firms in the setup and operation of their project office. The Subsidiary can downsize to stay open after the project for complimentary support, handling local requests.

Our value is our industry executive & operations team that assist the new project office, for developing the right customer strategy and the ongoing support. Our virtual and full subsidiares have the advantages of the economy of scale and international trade management experience of our Group.

Current countries supported for rollouts are in North America and select countries in Latin America.

Our Roll-out benefits


  • Added expertise on the region languages, customs and customers training
  • Reduce risk through an unique legal framework
  • Handling regional compliance for the company and its customers with local solutions


  • Faster time to market
  • Avoid learning curve
  • On-demand delivery teams
  • Instant local know how with an Executive Expert Team


  • Low startup cost
  • Competitive resources & team pricing
  • Lower operating costs with the use of economy of scale of the group

Are you planning to add or expand your operations in North America?

You can support your United States Sales Office extended delivery teams for projects in Canada, US and Mexico. A Nearshore Subsidiary can be added for optimized Cloud Solutions Services and act as a Support Center if needed. Also, the subsidiary offices can host part of the business process and operations to maximize the North America budget.

Our executive team can take part in your expansion planning, advising on GTM strategies based on experience, plus the handling of the international operation, such as regional compliance and finances.