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Supporting Implementation Projects in

other Countries / Rollouts

IT Solution Providers, like SAP Partners, usually need to implement or update their Customer Enterprise Software in other countries, not just locally. The end-customer needs the system implemented in all of their locations to maximize its benefits. The global template has to be adjusted for the business operation of each country, including customization for local compliance, and supporting the new users after the project ends.

Opening a Subsidiary because of the project is not viable and doing an alliance with a local competitor might bring more problems than benefits, as the local business will have a direct relationship with the local Partner.

Everscale works with IT Service Firms in the setup of their temporary project management office (PMO). The Subsidiary-as-a-Service can scale down after the project ends to host a support team or on-demand consultants to handling local requests.

Our current experience is with SAP Partners, supporting project rollouts or activities for Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.

Supporting your Rollout Project Office


  • Added expertise on the region languages, customs and customer training.
  • Reduce operation risk through a unique legal framework.
  • Experienced teams in local compliance and custom programs for the latest local requirements, for better planning and avoiding surprises.


  • Faster time to market.
  • Avoid learning curve of local requirements and which third-party providers
    work best for digital invoice and similar functionalities.
  • Experienced consultants can be hired temporally or as a permanent postion.
  • Local network from day 1.


  • No cost before the start of the project, including planning and setup.
  • No overhead cost of a local partner.
  • Different options for optimizing cost, including country packages.
  • Lower operating costs with the use of the economy of scale of the group.

Need to develop a new offer for Rollouts to LATAM for your customers?

We can support the development of an offer for your prospects and/or for Marketing collaterals. It can include specific content depending on the country and strategies on how to approach best each region, to deliver a complete solution and competitive pricing.

For example, how to position Rollout projects to Mexico that include SAP Country Localization, with electronic Accounting, electronic Invoicing, Payment Complement CFDI, and withholding tax types and tax codes, for Withholding Tax certificate CFDI 3.3.

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