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September 29, 2018 – Tucson, AZ

After months working together, Everscale Group, formerly known as Nearshore Depot, is proud to announce the expansion of its capabilities and operations, through its recently formed partnership with Tetakawi Group.

Everscale Group specializes in providing Subsidiary-as-a-Service and Nearshore solutions to Enterprise Software Service Firms from different parts of the world, particularly North America. By partnering with Tetakawi Group, experts in managing talent, work space and infrastructure in different locations in Mexico, Everscale acquires the needed capabilities to be able to serve an expansive market that requires not only the Industry experience that Everscale Group has, but the financial and operational strength that Tetakawi Group has demonstrated over the last 32 years.

According to Jacobo Ortega, CEO of Everscale, “this partnership will be instrumental in broadening the company’s offering portfolio in the IT Business Consulting, Everscale now possesses global reach and exceptional infrastructure support which will translate into continuing support to Enterprise SW Service firms to scale their businesses via nearshore subsidiaries with industry ready capabilities.”

“The North America region is running at such an incredible pace in terms of globalization and cross-industry value chains, that companies need to leverage geography advantages for high-skill talent to stay competitive, but at the same time, have flexible business models to stay agile for faster time to market properties” said Mr. Ortega.
Tetakawi Group, solidifies the range of expert services the group has to deliver even more disruptive solutions and services to the marketplace.”

“We are excited about this partnership”, mentioned Ricardo Rascon, Marketing Manager for Tetakawi Group.
“It allows us to leverage the core competencies that we have developed over the last 32 years and enter a new and exciting market by working with Everscale to help us provide a more specialized and expanded offering.”

“We believe that creating value for customers today means not expert advisory but being a true partner by becoming an extension of their business by sharing your economy of scale and operation teams, and more importantly, solving the uncertainty of entering a new region”, mentioned Jacobo Ortega.

As part of this new partnership, Everscale Group will continue to help companies from the US and Europe with its unique business model, which concentrates. in Enterprise Software Ecosystem with Solution Providers, 3rd Party Software Firms and ERP vendors.

Everscale Group empowers Enterprise Application Service firms to scale their businesses via deployment of new project teams and multi-country subsidiaries, while mitigating risk through deep region expertise and industry award winning executive team. Everscale Group is the premier advisor & international operations partner for customers looking to gain scale, faster time to market and regional compliance in order to remain competitive in today’s new, cloud-forward economy.

Tetakawi Group, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, provides manufacturing and technology companies with turnkey solutions that empower them to investigate, launch, operate and thrive in Mexico. Today, over 70 Fortune 500 companies and SMEs, leverage The Offshore Group’s infrastructure, knowledge and expertise to employ 23,000 people and operate in over 4.5 million square feet of industrial and office space in Mexico.

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