Press release – GEO Expansion

October 3, 2019 – Tucson, AZ

Everscale Group recently announced their geographical expansion service for SAP Partners and other Enterprise Applications Solution Providers, that target new regions.

For SW Vendors like Microsoft with their Geo Expansion Program, there is a shared opportunity with their partners, to scale the reach of their joint solutions in new markets that access the available customer whitespace.

For VAR’s & Service Partners the access to a new region adds a new revenue stream. But they also gain a competitive edge, by updating their delivery models and accessing other talent pools.

Traditionally expanding to a new country required a large investment of resources & time, such as acquiring a local company or setting up a new operation from the ground-up, which has more risks and a learning curve.

Everscale TurnKey Subsidiaries lower substantially the investment required and enables an Agile operation that lowers operative costs and increases scalability, under a “safe landing” framework. Foreign Companies can now test the market first and scale quickly if needed, avoiding big investments and long-term commitments.

Sister companies of Everscale Group have been providing safe landing for other industries for more than 30 years, running full operations on their behalf. Our Geo Expansion service offers not just regional know how and the use of our economy of scale, but also support in the Subsidiary initial engagements with prospective customers with key roles.

For more information, visit this link.

Everscale Group empowers Enterprise Application Service firms to scale their businesses via deployment of new project teams and multi-country subsidiaries, while mitigating risk through deep region expertise and industry award winning executive team. Everscale Group is the premier advisor & international operations partner for customers looking to gain scale, faster time to market and regional compliance in order to remain competitive in today’s new, cloud-forward economy.

Geo Expansio and International PEO

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