Your temporary or

long term Subsidiary

The standard for Subsidiary-as-a-Service for the Enterprise Software Industry

Instead of buying a nearshore company or investing on your own in a new region, we provide a better alternative for updating the business model with a small to full operating subsidiary. It provides scalable teams, regional advantages and new solutions capabilities to use.

Our business model integrates people, infrastructure and processes to setup one or several Industry Business Practices in the Subsidiary. Pilot your new strategy with a small team or a full practice to take advantages of a unique framework that solves regional uncertainty and lets service firms to compete with global capabilities but stay nimble & agile.

Plan your strategy with additional options that don’t have the downfalls of regular alternatives, such an M&A (resources needed) or an alliance with a competitor.

Research suggests that building an Agile and Lean Business Model with business networks is a must. Established companies of tomorrow will behave more like their disruptive, nimble competitors of today.

As Global Firms use Nearshore, Offshore and OnShore Delivery Components to offer Cloud Service Packages, we offer an alternative to add similar capabilities, instead of recurring to M&A or direct investment in new regions.

“By 2018 over 65% of top partners will have changed their GTM model to better find and serve targeted customers” – IDC

Why Everscale

Our group is the sum an award winning SAP Partner executive team and the biggest operations group with experience in the setup of a virtual team, a 5-people unit or a 2,500 employee Subsidiary.

  • Small Teams: From 2 to 3 consultants for those customers wanting to add capabilities to their current business models. Or have full teams for specific customer rollouts in other regions.
  • Full Operation: For service firms looking to expand into a new region or support via a nearshore center their operation in North America.

Turn-Key Subsidiary

Turn-Key Subsidiary

A subsidiary is a company controlled by a holding company. Because it has complimentary operations of the parent company, we see it as the ideal extension for innovation, testing & developing new practices nearby with more agility and competitive price.

Our approach requires much less investment than traditional options for an instant nearshore subsidiary for a quick time-to-market. But more important, it is the secure path as it assures a successful setup the first try, and protects from the risks & liabilities of entering a new country for the first time.

All decisions are made by the Partner, as its their team, their subsidiary. Non-value expenses are pass through expenses.

Virtual Business Unit

For an specific project (Sales, Delivery or Support) a Virtual Business Unit can host one or many consultants & developers. It can be service North America or roll-outs in select countries of Latin America.

Virtual Subsidiary

It has one or several Business Process as a Service. The legal entity & risk in the country is by Everscale Group and uses its Brick & Mortar Platform for economy-of-scale benefits.

Full Subsidiary

It has one or several Business Process as a Service. The legal entity in the country is created for the Partner but managed by Everscale Group, using its economy of scale infrastructure for the Finance & Accounting, Payroll, Tax, Legal & Facilities requirements. We have sister companies supporting operations of foreign companies since 1985. With more than 25k employees and 4.5M square feet managed by the Group.

Why Nearshore for North America

For North America Service Firms, it provides competitive pricing with the advantage of geographical proximity, optimized for delivering Cloud based solutions that have a mix of onsite & offsite project stages.

The full business day overlap is critical for Agile Methodologies, have a closer team project collaboration with similar travel expenses.

Subsidiary benefits

  • Faster time to market
  • Lower startup & operating costs
  • Local know how for customers, hiring & compliance
  • Adjust quickly with our economy of scale

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