Temporary or Permanent Nearshore Operations

for Tech Companies

We specialize in the Enterprise SW Ecosystem, from SAP Delivery Centers to building a Salesforce Practice, to Microsoft ISV’s operations.

We work with companies of all sizes that want to open a Mexican Operation for current projects that benefit from Nearshore teams, or that want to setup a permanent operation. Our Subsidiary as a Service framework enables companies to start in days and not months, with an operation that can scale up & down, while they benefit from from our economies of scale.

Our group infrastructure & resources support from a temporary 1-person business unit to 1,000 employee Subsidiary. Because we cover all the services you may need from a foreign operation, you can avoid overhead costs of multiple vendors providing: PEO services, Recruiting, Procurement, Local Compliance, Real Estate Management, etc.

The Subsidiary as a Service has similarities of acquiring a local Partner, as it provides scalable teams with local expertise from the industry, that can add new solutions capabilities without the local learning curve.

Pilot your Nearshore strategy and take advantage of a unique framework that solves regional uncertainty and enables SME Business global capabilities.

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“By 2018 over 65% of top partners will have changed their GTM model to better find and serve targeted customers” – IDC

Why Everscale

Our group is the sum an award-winning SAP Partner Executive team and the biggest group for establishing international operations since 1986. Read Press Release.

Our business model is the evolution of services that have been delivered in the Region, adjusted for the Enterprise Applications Industry.

Turn-Key Subsidiary

A Subsidiary is a company controlled by a holding company in another region. Because it has complementary operations of the parent company, we see it as the ideal nearby extension for innovation, testing & developing new delivery practices with more agility and competitive costs.

Everscale’s enables a unique framework for your operation, called Subsidiary as a Service, which has a similar approach as a Software as a Service (Saas) Model:

  1. Obtain the benefits immediately. Companies don’t need to wait months to start benefiting from the solution, they can start in days for a faster time to market.
  2. Less expensive. With Saas, the startup cost goes down abruptly as you don’t have to install infrastructure or hire an inhouse team to support it. By sharing common resources, you don’t need to hire local specialists full time, you use specialist as needed, as a shared service.
  3. Scale when is needed. Don’t need to buy the full solution and a package of users that you don’t know when you will start using each functionality and how many users you will actually use. Adjust accordingly with our economy of scale.
  4. Shorter contracts. Not sure of a long-term commitment, sign shorter periods and pay monthly as it is used.
  5. Any company can access it. Saas was created so Small & Medium Enterprises could access the solution benefits that the big corporations had (more on M&A Alternatives)

A Subsidiary as a Service has the added advantage that is a safer path when entering a new geography, as Everscale minimizes potential risks & liabilities of the region.

Everscale enables a unique framework for a strategic Subsidiary with full capabilities, which includes a scalable local operation team with industry savvy executives for GTM strategies. It can add delivery teams with different engagement models.

Why Nearshore for North America

For North America Service Firms, it provides an additional talent pool and lower costs, with the advantage of geographical proximity. It is optimized for delivering Cloud based solutions that have a mix of onsite & offsite project stages.

The full business day overlap is critical for Agile Methodologies, having a closer team project collaboration with similar travel times.

When a Subsidiary-as-a-Service is recommended

  • When the company is not ready to commit to a certain market for more than 5 years.
  • Planning to start the operations with less than 20 employees.
  • Need a team and resources quickly, instead of waiting 2-3 months.
  • Prefer to pilot the region, before investing a large expansion budget.
  • Need temporary capabilities in other technologies.
  • You need industry specific knowledge for Sales Executives or Consultants, that a Regular PEO doesn’t provide.

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