Delivery & Support Business Units

Our Business Units can start from on-demand teams to dedicated specialized personal. We integrate services, processes, people and infrastructure as needed.

Cloud Factory

Is designed to be rapid and repeatable using packaged SAP Best Practices and Partner Industry expertise.
The project is optimized for Nearshore delivery with consultants traveling on-site to attend the most important activities such as: Kickoff, Testing and Go Live. They can operate under Agile Methodologies and can fly to the customer site for key meetings.

AMS / Customer Support

It can be an extension of a current support center with on-demand consultants to a full AMS Practice in one of our locations.

The support team is managed by local hired managers that report to their peers in the parent company, or if its a small team, it can be managed remotely.

Rollout & Compliance Teams

We add local experienced teams for roll-out customer projects in USA, Mexico & Latin America and the set up a project management office, virtual or long term.

A complimentary local support team to assist the Headquarter Support team and handle local requirements & compliance.

By Project

The Subsidiary works as a resource planning unit and it can staff the Headquarter projects using our Resource Management team and private network.

Current teams working on S/4 HANA Migrations, Hybris & Web Development, SAP Implementations for Manufacturing, Saleforce, Fiori and SAP Backoffice customization.

3rd Party SW Development

Delivery and support_3rd Party SW Development-01

A Software Development Dupport Center can be setup. It can be used as a remote software development practice for projects that need customization.

It is also used for the maintenance of  Software Solutions with on-demand SAP Consultants for integration & support tasks.

New Graduates

Delivery and support_New Graduates-01

For Service Firms that train new graduates to grow their team, they can be hired directly in the Susbdiary from the top universities following a strict HR screening process.

Benefits from our Delivery & Support Units

  • Competitive team pricing
  • Access to a Private Talent Network of Partners and vetted consultants
  • Local Executive Expert Team
  • Lower operating costs with the use of economy of scale
  • Scalability
  • Faster time to market
  • Cloud optimized SAP solutions via Nearshore Delivery teams
  • Add new industry expertise