Advantages of using a Mexican Subsidiary

for SAP Partners

Attending SAP Now Annual Customer event next week in Mexico City? It could be a good opportunity if your are planning to access a new region to target new customers and hire from another talent pool.

In our next Webinar, from our Geo Expansion Series, we will focus on how SAP Partners are using a Mexican Subsidiary for Nearshore Services for their U.S. Customers and adding Latin America as another GoToMarket, via Mexico. Having a temporary Sales Office ready is key when attending #SAPNow, plus knowing the cost structure and rates that can be used.

We will share tips on how to lower risks & costs when opening an operation in Mexico, so you can start hiring temporary to permanent positions quickly.

Topics covered:

  • Common options & best practices for starting Operations in Mexico
  • How to benefit from the USMCA Free Trade Agreement (New NAFTA) for US Customers
  • Cost & Rate Structure of Partners with Operations in Mexico
  • Mexico as Latin America port of entry
  • Mexico & Latin America current customer needs as a potential new market

Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Time: 11am CET

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